How to use your content strategy

🍉 How to use your content strategy

Here are some tips for getting the most out of the content strategy you just worked so diligently on:

1. Share it with your team and other key stakeholders

If you shared this strategy with your team as you worked through the sections, there should be no big surprises, but you should present the final strategy to everyone involved one more time. That may just be your marketing colleagues, or you may choose to include other stakeholders from leadership, sales, etc.

Set up a meeting to run through the full document, answer questions, and make any final adjustments you all deem necessary (but don’t be afraid to push back if feedback doesn’t align with your research).

2. Start creating!

You know, actually do the thing. Once you have the strategy finalized, produce and publish the content according to your content tracker.

3. Measure your progress monthly

As you start producing content, make sure to start keeping track of your progress by documenting your KPIs. Monthly updates are probably sufficient as you get started. Make sure to share these progress updates with your wider team so they can see what sort of impact your content is having.

4. Regularly revisit and adjust your content strategy

You should check back in on your content strategy at least quarterly to review your progress and make sure everything still jives. You may need to update your strategy with new audiences or audience insights, start working on new topics, adjust your KPIs, etc.

We suggest you put a reminder on your calendar now to review your strategy document at least every three months. Have another quick meeting where everyone weighs in on progress and adjustments to the content strategy.

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